Dec/Jan Check In: Family B

I (mom) am sorry that we have not written a post since before the holidays… partly, this is because we were very busy and partly because we really have not lived our values intentionally. It seems as though we focus on what feeds our soul only when we have “extra” time and space in our everyday life.

The last two months have more so felt like pure survival and very little stopping to focus on what we are really doing. To be honest, I actually felt really annoyed by our value tree and avoided it – probably because I felt that we weren’t doing a good job focusing on our values and it represented just another shortcoming in our parenting.

This sounds much more gloomy than it is, we still had tons of fun and laughter with our kids every day. It is hard to be serious with these goofballs around. 

board game business challenge chess

“The last two months have more so felt like pure survival…”

I wish I had a plan for how to get back to focusing on our values. One thought is that our value tree is much too “big” and most of the values are aspirational vs ones that we are already good at and just need to highlight more. Another thought is to work a little less, but then my daughter’s fortune cookie tonight told us “a day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work” – so, maybe not 🙂

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