Meet The Families

Each family is uniquely its own mini culture, with its own set of values and its own way of teaching these values to the next generation and of upholding its values.  Each family is made of at least two different value systems, thought often many more.  Because of this, the make up of the family matters, the experience, the history, the number of children, the parents jobs, etc., etc., etc.  All of this matters, and so much more.  So, as you join us on our journey, please take a moment to get to know us, each family, our make up, our unique dynamics and set up.  As we go forth, monthly compilations will be written taking these unique pieces into consideration as we explore how values are lived in different families.

So, meet the families!


Family A
Family “A”

Family “A” Profile:

Three early elementary school children, one preschool child, and two married parents. Children attend private faith-based schools.

Mom – Mom is (almost) a Doctor of Psychology with a background as a special education teacher in the southern United States. She was raised in a poor family in the southern United States.

Dad – Dad is an executive at a small (200 people) corporation. He is working on his Business Doctorate. Dad was raised in the Midwest in an upper-middle class home and had his attitude appropriately readjusted at The Citadel.


Family “B” Profile:

Three children, one early elementary school age,

Family B
Family “B”

one pre-K aged, and one infant. Oldest child attends public school, in an excellent school district while middle child attends faith based school.  Family attends a local church. Mom and Dad have a notable age gap.

Mom – Mom is a Nurse Practitioner and has spent her career in the medical field. Mom grew up in Germany and immigrated to the United States in her twenties.  She grew up in a blended family.

Dad – Dad works in construction and facilities. Dad grew up in the Midwest and was raised in a middle-class, blended family home.


Family “C” Profile:

Two (soon to be three children): one early teenager

Family C
Family “C”

from a previous relationship, but the child grew up with mom and dad from year one, one elementary school-aged, and one infant soon to arrive. Both children attend private school, the elementary school age child attends a faith-based school.

Mom – Mom is a nursing student and splits her time between being a very pregnant mom and a care giver in the medical field. Mom grew up in a lower-middle class family in the inner-city in the Midwest.

Dad – Dad is a former Recon Marine Officer who manages special programs at one of the top three rated hospitals in the United States. Dad grew up in the Midwest in an upper-middle class home where he received lots of “motivation” from his Uncle, a 30-year time in service, Chief Petty Officer.


Family “D” Profile:

Two (soon to be three children): two elementary

Family D
Family “D”

school aged and one infant arriving in a few weeks. The children attend public schools and a local church. Family D is blended from dad’s previous marriage. The two children split their time between Family D and their biological mother’s home (with live in boyfriend). Mom and Dad have a notable age gap, and this is a very faith-based family.

Dad – Dad retired from an 18-year career split between the Navy and the Army. Dad spent his last ten years in the Army as a member of a Tier 1 SMU. Dad and mom married after dad retired from the Army. Dad is an executive at a small organization. Dad grew up in the Midwest with his grandparents and mother.

Mom – Mom is a full-time counseling graduate student who grew up in a middle-class home in California. Mom previously worked as a counselor and is very faith driven.


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